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Vroemen 2

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This boy sees how the station manager Vroemen, who has to be present because he is “responsible”, is being scolded by a N.S.B. er who managed the butter factory in Reymerstok.

He hears that N.S.B. manager of the butter factory grumbling as follows: “All of you are dummies. This never would happen to me. I have got 1000 kilos of wehrmacht butter in my cold store, but no so-called white brigade can touch it.”

Our K.P. man decides quickly. He gathers some comrades, who have wehrmacht uniforms and a wehrmacht car at their disposal (pinched from the Vencken garage in Sittard) and they immediately go to Reymerstok, as long as the butter manager is still busy searching for the eggs.
The wife of the N.S.B. manager is alone at home and the butter factory is standing still. “Schnell schnell, unsere butter, wir haben wenig Zeit!” (Quick, quick, our butter, we are in hurry!) The German soldiers in the German Wehrmacht vehicle looked very familiar to this lady and our boys could get the whole bunch of butter in their car.

Our K.P. “wehrmacht soldiers” had no better idea than bringing this non-pre-planned butter to the egg address so that after barely having processed the eggs, I was now saddled with a butter mountain. This natural butter was divided next day partly via K.P. canals, while the majority was stored in the hospital of Heerlen in a hole under an inoperative elevator.

When the N.S.B. manager was back home in Reymerstok, and in addition to his egg riddle he also had to fill in a missing form for butter.

registered by rayon leader of the L.O. R8, district Z18 (= Pierre Schunck)

Pierre Schunck

Album : Resistance

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