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Cremers, Jean × Eck, Catharina /Trienchen

Cremers, Gerda (Maria Hubertina Gertruida)

    10-09-1912 in Heerlerheide  05-05-2005 in Valkenburg
× Schunck Pierre
 in Valkenburg
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As a child, Gerda Cremers often lit the stove at her Jewish neighbors on the Sabbath. [1] They remained friends even when she no longer lived in the Muntstraat. Her mother came from a family of teachers in Kerkrade, [2] but in Valkenburg she opened the Hotel Cremers [3] in the Wilhelminalaan. Like most families in Valkenburg, they took their annual vacation in winter when tourism was dormant. This way the pictures were taken in Cannes and Villefranche.
Even at the age of 16, Gerda was a personal chef in the kitchen. Because she initially had the desire to take over the hotel from her mother. But then she would have had to find another husband. When she married in 1936, it meant that she would fit unconditionally into her husband’s life. That’s how it was in those days. So no hotel, but a laundry in the Plenkertstraat. Also during the war they did everything together and so she and her husband founded the Valkenburg subdistrict of the resistance movement L.O. [4]

  1. The couple Soesman-Horn and: Vultures after the Second World War – How a small country can be even smaller
  2. The Eck family between 1873 and 1943
  3. Hotel Cremers
  4. Gerda Schunck-Cremers in the resistance



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