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Limburg 1940-1945,
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1940-1945. The resistance in the dutch province of Limburg

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All the fallen resistance people in Limburg

– 3 pers.

∗ 1891-04-28
† 1945-02-13
Natzweiler, Außenkommando Daut
- Initial resistance - - Dutch-Paris -

Jean was registered at the civil registry as Johannes Michael and grew up in Schin-op-Geul. He was employed by the French railway company Wagons Lits and he was, with the help of his entire family, …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.01-02
Cornelis Franciscus
∗ 1916-08-11
Schin op Geul
† 1940-05-10
- - Dutch Soldiers -

Draftee MC-III-37 R.I., killed during the German invasion on May 10, 1940 in Nijswiller near casemate No. 1.
According to the municipality, he fell “… while standing at his post on May …

Albert Hubert
∗ 1916-09-25
Schin op Geul
† 2005-12-29
Schin op Geul
- Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Local contacts - - Survivors -

Albert Laeven from Schin op Geul near Valkenburg worked in the drawing office of the mine Willem-Sophia [2] near Spekholzerheide during the war years.
In the fall of 1942, he and his …
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