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The names on the walls


Limburg 1940-1945,
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Schin op Geul

People who played a role during WW2 in and around Valkenburg. Most of them appear in the resistance story about Valkenburg. In that case, click on More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg next to that name.
This list is far from being complete.
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Valkenburg & surrounings

† ✡ † Jews Holocaust Allied soldiers USA RAF NL sold Verzet initial resistance L.O. K.P. municipality local contacts couriers occasional resistance Gr. Smit people in hiding Valkenburg+ Valkenburg Berg en Terblijt Schin op Geul IJzeren Sibbe Margraten Houthem-St.Gerlach Geulhem Hulsberg Houthem Klimmen Meerssen Heerlen police priests NSB / NSDAP Germans killed in action in Valkenburg-Houthem

Church Towers are easy to find. There are a number of villages around Valkenburg, most of which belonged to the then municipality of Valkenburg-Houthem. The assistance to people in hiding L.O. was organized per Catholic parish. Because the church was the only organization that could survive during the occupation. The duikhoofden (divers’ chiefs) in these villages were sort of local L.O. leaders.
Open Street Map: Berg en Terblijt, Margraten, Sibbe, Houthem, Schin op Geul, IJzeren (no own church) Geulhem, Meerssener Broek, today Gemeentebroek. Parts of pre-war Hulsberg, such as Emmaberg, were added to Valkenburg.4 pers.
∗ 1891-04-28
† 1945-02-13
Natzweiler, Außenkommando Daut
early resistance - Schin op Geul - Dutch-Paris - war victim - Jean was registered at the civil registry as Johannes Michael and grew up in Schin-op-Geul. He was employed by the French railway company Wagons Lits and he was, with the help of his entire family, a member of the French-Dutch group Dutch-Paris [1], which helped refugees, especially Jews.
He …


Jo van Oort
∗ 0000-00-00
† 0000-00-00
Jew - Schin op Geul - person in hiding - survivor - According to Anton Laeven, son van Albert (Trebla) Laeven, there was only 1 Jewish person in hiding in Schin op Geul, under the pseudonym Jo van Oort. Hiding address at the Laval family, Strucht nr. 50; actual family name was Hartog. (son of …

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Cornelis Franciscus
∗ 1916-08-11
Schin op Geul
† 1940-05-10
dutch soldier - Schin op Geul - war victim - Draftee MC-III-37 R.I., killed during the German invasion on May 10, 1940 in Nijswiller near casemate No. 1.
According to the municipality, he fell “… while standing at his post on May 10, 1940. He was then buried in the Catholic cemetery in Nijswiller in his military dress, wrapped in a …

Albert Hubert
∗ 1916-09-25
Schin op Geul
† 2005-12-29
Schin op Geul
L.O. - local contact - Schin op Geul - survivor - Albert Laeven from Schin op Geul near Valkenburg worked in the drawing office of the mine Willem-Sophia [2] near Spekholzerheide during the war years.
In the fall of 1942, he and his brother-in-law Gus Bosch placed two onderduikers (people in hiding) from Eindhoven with the miller Gus …

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