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Letter from Bob & Marie Hilleqe

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Dear Pierre and Gerda:

Thank you for your letter of October 4, 1984. Both Marie and I had tears in our eyes when we read it, we were so happy to hear from you.

Enclosed are several photo’s that we took while we were in Holland, thought you might like them.

When I entered the caves again after fourty years, many memories flashed in my mind. I was so very happy that you were there.

Marie and I will not be planning our trip until after the first of the year and when we begin to make our plans we will let you know, since we definitely want to visit with you during our trip.

God bless you both and we wish you the very best.

Bob and Marie

Siehe auch einige Wandmalereien über die Old Hickory Division in den Kalkhöhlen fotografiert von Marie und Bob

Album : Widerstand

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