Raad van Verzet (RVV)
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Limburg 1940-1945,
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1940-1945. The resistance in the dutch province of Limburg


Raad van Verzet (RVV)

All the fallen resistance people in Limburg

Raad van Verzet (RVV) – 9 pers.

∗ 1919-12-18
† 1945-02-17
Bergen (L)
- Aid to People in Hiding L.O. - Knokploegen (K.P.) - Limburg + - Dutch Soldiers - Zwarte Plak - Raad van Verzet (RVV) -

Gerardus Wilhelmus Johannes Petrus Ahout was a member of the LO-KP [1] and of the RVV [2] in Deurne. During the liberation of the south of the Netherlands, the

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.03-01
Bruijn, de
Fredericus Arnoldus Franciscus
∗ 1920-10-04
† 1944-09-05
America (L)
- Zwarte Plak - Limburg + - Knokploegen (K.P.) - Raad van Verzet (RVV) -

The grocer Frits de Bruijn lived in Asten. Son of the grocers Petrus Johannes Gijsbertus de Bruijn and Johanna Maria Sanders. Unmarried. Roman Catholic. Member of resistance, belonging to the …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.
Jan Willem
Wiel "oom Kees"
∗ 1893-07-31
† 1945-05-31
- Underground Press - Couriers of the Resistance - Kerkrade - Raad van Verzet (RVV) -

According to Cammaert [1], Wiel Creusen was a civil servant at the Distribution Office [2] and former chairman of the local Unie. [3]
He was also involved in helping, among …

wall: left, row 26-01
Eijnden, van den
Martien Ant.
Watje, Tinuske
∗ 1917-02-04
† 1944-09-05
- Horst - Raad van Verzet (RVV) - Limburg + - Zwarte Plak - Knokploegen (K.P.) -

Tinus was a butcher and lived in Zeilberg in the farm Crisishoeve (municipality of Deurne). He was a member of the "Pilotencentrum De Zwarte Plak" near America, on the Limburg side of the …
wall: left, row 24-01
Leon Serra
∗ 1921-05-26
(Bergen (L)
† 1944-08-11
Kamp Vught
- Underground Press - Studenten - Raad van Verzet (RVV) - Arcen en Velden -

André Lambert Henri Marie Gubbels was a student who played an important role in the founding of the Raad van Verzet (Resistance Council) in Limburg. He also participated in resistance …
wall: left, row 02-02
Charles v.d. Heuvel
∗ 1921-07-15
† 1944-09-05
- Underground Press - Studenten - Limburg + - Raad van Verzet (RVV) - Zwarte Plak -

Louis Albert (Luke) Lansdorp had studied at the Economische Hogeschool in Tilburg. He then joined the RVV group in Deurne, presumably because he had refused to sign the declaration of loyalty and …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.03-07
Cornelis Klaas
∗ 1918-04-12
† 1944-08-11
kamp Vught
- Raad van Verzet (RVV) - Police - Limburg + - Zwarte Plak -

The policeman Cor Noordermeer was the local leader of the Raad van Verzet (RVV, Resistance Council) in Deurne. The RVV was a loose association of scattered, independent resistance groups that, in …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.03-10
Oosterhout, van
Nicolaas Cornelis
∗ 1918-02-28
† 1944-08-11
Kamp Vught
- Raad van Verzet (RVV) - Ambtenaren - Limburg + - Zwarte Plak -

Customs officer. Son of the bargeman Nicolaas van Oosterhout and Cornelia Antonia Aartsen. At the age of 14 he started working as a helper in a bicycle repair shop, but when he realized that he …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.03-17
Zaicsek /Zaiczek,
Karel “Koenen”
∗ 1921-07-18
† 1944-09-12
- Geleen - Raad van Verzet (RVV) - Couriers of the Resistance -

Karl Zaicsek’s parents moved from Hungary to Lindenheuvel in Geleen. It is not known when exactly Karl and his parents came to Geleen. All we know is that Karl’s father died on February 9th, …

wall: middel, row 03-02