The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg
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The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg



Liberated: 1945-03-01

Reuver – 2 pers.   ⇒All the fallen resistance people in Limburg
∗ 1918-09-27
Den Haag
† 1944-08-30
Reuver - person in hiding - In the spring of 1944, a combat group (K.P.) Reuver was formed by B. Verstappen. Other members were J.H. Goossens, G. Janssen, M.J. Pereira (a man in hiding from The Hague), A.M. Roelofs, and B. Hegger. An air raid shelter on the Patersweg in Belfeld was used as a meeting place. Before it had served for a time as a transit station for escaped prisoners of war on their wa back home. Ummels and Pereira were shot by Nitsch and Conrad by order of Ströbel (all members of the Maastricht security police) on the railroad line between Belfeld and Reuver.
Anton Hubert
∗ 1894-07-15
† 1944-08-30
Beesel - Reuver - L.O. - K.P. - police - Antonius Hubertus Ummels had the rank of Opperwachtmeester in the police, which was generally associated with the function of station chief. He belonged to the LO in Reuver, moreover its combat group KP.
Dr. Fred Cammaert wrote (Chapter VIb p. 589): “A truck driver, who had observed the arrest of Pereira by people of the A.K.D. from a distance, hurried to Reuver and informed Verstappen and the opperwachtmeester A.H. Ummels. Both went to Pereira’s diving address. Near the farm of the Janssen family, Pereira’s hosts, a gunfight ensued between A.K.D. man Sabbé, who was on guard outside, and Verstappen. The latter was fatally hit in hiss forehead and chest. Ummels, who arrived a little later, was arrested. Ummels, Pereira and the remains of Verstappen were taken to a barracks in Blerick. … Ummels and Pereira were shot dead by Nitsch and Conrad on the railroad line between Belfeld and Reuver on the orders of Ströbel of the Maastricht Sicherheitspolizei.
in memoriam card”.
More about the very violent AKD-police, see on top of the list of fallen resistants in Venlo, where they were based.
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