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Schunck, Peter × Cloot, Christine

Schunck, Pierre (Peter Joseph Arnold)

    24-03-1906 in Heerlen  02-02-1993 in Kerkrade
× Cremers Gerda
 in Valkenburg
  1. Still alive
  2. Jan Schunck
  3. Still alive
  4. Marie-José Schunck
  5. Still alive
  6. Still alive
  7. Still alive
  8. Still alive
  9. Maria Schunck
  10. Jozef Schunck

Piere Schunck became known beyond his family for the following activities:

  • During the German occupation, he was the founder and leader of the Valkenburg branch of the L.O. resistance organization.
    What he wrote down about it can be found on this website: Resistance in Valkenburg during the Second World War.
  • After the war, he founded a garment factory on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, which was a great stroke of luck against the unemployment of the many single women on the island.
    Pierre Schunck, Wikipedia • NederlandsDeutsch
  • Short biographies on this page: • ResistanceFamily

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