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Limburg 1940-1945,
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People who played a role during WW2 in and around Valkenburg. Most of them appear in the resistance story about Valkenburg. In that case, click on More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg next to that name.
This list is far from being complete.
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St. Josefziekenhuis Heerlen

† ✡ † Jews Holocaust Allied soldiers USA RAF NL sold Verzet initial resistance L.O. K.P. municipality local contacts couriers occasional resistance Gr. Smit people in hiding Valkenburg+ Valkenburg Berg en Terblijt Schin op Geul IJzeren Sibbe Margraten Houthem-St.Gerlach Geulhem Hulsberg Houthem Klimmen Meerssen Heerlen police priests NSB / NSDAP Germans killed in action in Valkenburg-Houthem

In many ways, Heerlen was important for the L.O. of Valkenburg. The St. Joseph Hospital played a key role as a sort of HQ. Pierre Schunck, who was almost daily in Heerlen for his work, was thus able to keep in touch unobtrusively with the district leaders.7 pers.
Berckel, van
Karel C.
∗ 1892-08-19
† 1944-09-05
Kamp Vught
L.O. - K.P. - Heerlen - war victim - Detailed information about the surgeon Karel van Berckel [1.1] can be found on the website of the National Memorial Camp Vught [1.2], where he was murdered. The following is an excerpt from it, unless otherwise indicated, including (colored yellow) some …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg
Jan Willem
∗ 1907-04-12
† 1945-03-13
early resistance - L.O. - priest - Heerlen - person in hiding - war victim - Since september 10, 1933, Giel Berix was a kapelaan (in the Netherlands a term for Roman Catholic auxiliary parish priests, vicars. In Belgium they are also called Onderpastoor) at St. Pancratius Church in Heerlen. [4]
Giel is a regional call name still very common at that time, standing for …

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Betuw, van
Johannes Petrus Maria
Jan “Jules”
∗ 1923-08-08
† 2015-03-13
L.O. - courier - Heerlen - survivor - During the war, Jan van Betuw was a bus driver and courier in the LO district of Heerlen under the pseudonym Jules. In this capacity, he narrowly escaped arrest in early 1944 during a check on the Valkenburgerweg in Heerlen while transporting ration stamps. The source for this information and also …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg
Constant Jozef Ernest
∗ 1895-09-19
Berg en Terblijt,
† 1944-09-05
Kamp Vught
L.O. - Heerlen - Berg en Terblijt - war victim - “More complicated need of clothing used to be regulated by the director of the municipal social welfare office, Mr Cornips, with me. He was very competent for this due to his function. It was predominating about suits, clothes, coats etc. for families being hidden as a whole (primarily Jews) and …

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Nicolaas Maria Hubertus
∗ 1908-11-05
Sint Geertruid
† 2003-09-21
L.O. - priest - Heerlen - survivor - During one of the first days of September 1943, at the home of Rector Nic Prompers in the hospital, the L.O. district Heerlen was established. Prompers became the first district leader, but for health reasons he handed over that function to Giel …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg
Paul Simons
∗ 1906-03-24
† 1993-02-02
L.O. - Heerlen - Valkenburg - survivor - Founder and leader of the “rayon” (subdistrict) of the L.O. in Valkenburg, under the alias of “Paul”. He was also a member of the ID18 intelligence group, which belonged to the Heerlen district of the LO. After the war he gave …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg
∗ 1902-09-12
† 0000-00-00
Heerlen - NSDAP - survivor - German mining engineer in Heerlen. He was married to a sister of Pierre Schunck. Worked at the coal mine already before the war and was also the director and co-owner of his father-in-law’s lime quarry in Geulhem. During the occupation, he became a member of the NSDAP (German Nazi Party) for …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg