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The names on the walls


Limburg 1940-1945,
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People who played a role during WW2 in and around Valkenburg. Most of them appear in the resistance story about Valkenburg. In that case, click on More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg next to that name.
This list is far from being complete.

Valkenburg & surrounings

† ✡ † Jews Holocaust Allied soldiers USA RAF NL sold Verzet initial resistance L.O. K.P. municipality local contacts couriers occasional resistance Gr. Smit people in hiding Valkenburg+ Valkenburg Berg en Terblijt Schin op Geul IJzeren Sibbe Margraten Houthem-St.Gerlach Geulhem Hulsberg Houthem Klimmen Meerssen Heerlen police priests NSB / NSDAP

Church Towers are easy to find. There are a number of villages around Valkenburg, most of which belonged to the then municipality of Valkenburg-Houthem. The assistance to people in hiding L.O. was organized per Catholic parish. Because the church was the only organization that could survive during the occupation. The duikhoofden (divers’ chiefs) in these villages were sort of local L.O. leaders.
Open Street Map: Berg en Terblijt, Margraten, Sibbe, Houthem, Schin op Geul, IJzeren (no own church) Geulhem, Meerssener Broek, today Gemeentebroek. Parts of pre-war Hulsberg, such as Emmaberg, were added to Valkenburg.2 pers.
Goede-van Gelder, de
∗ 0000-00-00
† 0000-00-00
Jew - Houthem-St.Gerlach - person in hiding - survivor - From the village of Houthem, we know the stories of Mary de Goede-van Gelder, who was brought in at the age of three and a half by the resistance to Houthem and survived the war there. She also wrote an article about this time in the book “Valkenburg 2019 - 75 years liberated. 75 stories about the …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg
Louis (Gerardus Aloysius Antonius)
∗ 1918-02-03
† 2001-03-13
Maria-Hoop (gem. Echt)
L.O. - local contact - Houthem-St.Gerlach - survivor - Louis Horsmans was contact person (diver’s chief) for the LO in Houthem-St.Gerlach. [1.1]
In addition, he became On the recommendation of Pierre Schunck, he became assistant of Heinrich Stahl …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg