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Limburg 1940-1945,
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Couriers of the resistance

People who played a role during WW2 in and around Valkenburg. Most of them appear in the resistance story about Valkenburg. In that case, click on More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg next to that name.
This list is far from being complete.
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Memorial stone for the resistance people Coenen and Francotte

† ✡ † Jews Holocaust Allied soldiers USA RAF NL sold Verzet initial resistance L.O. K.P. municipality local contacts couriers occasional resistance Gr. Smit people in hiding Valkenburg+ Valkenburg Berg en Terblijt Schin op Geul IJzeren Sibbe Margraten Houthem-St.Gerlach Geulhem Hulsberg Houthem Klimmen Meerssen Heerlen police priests NSB / NSDAP Germans killed in action in Valkenburg-Houthem

The couriers delivered messages. Initially, this often happened by means of scribbles, but after several waves of arrest, people became more cautious. The couriers were people who could move unobtrusively. Usually this was done by bicycle and preferably by women, because it was not in the imagination of the Nazis that a woman would do such things. Or by a bus driver, such as Jules. Or Paul, who had to go to Heerlen every day for work.6 pers.
Betuw, van
Johannes Petrus Maria
Jan “Jules”
∗ 1923-08-08
† 2015-03-13
L.O. - courier - Heerlen - survivor - During the war, Jan van Betuw was a bus driver and courier in the LO district of Heerlen under the pseudonym Jules. In this capacity, he narrowly escaped arrest in early 1944 during a check on the Valkenburgerweg in Heerlen while transporting ration stamps. The source for this information and also …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg
Anna Maria Johanna
∗ 1924-06-05
† 2005-08-22
L.O. - municipality - courier - Valkenburg - survivor -

Photo: Annie in the distribution office. Family archive.

Annie Cremers forged documents for the people in hiding at the so called Municipal Distribution Office of Valkenburg-Houthem. Her colleagues Willem …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg

∗ 1910-07-12
† 1950-08-20
L.O. - courier - Valkenburg - survivor - Sister of Gerda Cremers and sister-in-law of Pierre Schunck. He wrote about her: “Then I assigned Ms Cremers as a courier. She cycled to the most high-risk addresses and from her I got notifications …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg
∗ 0000-00-00
† 0000-00-00
courier - IJzeren - survivor - Was a courier for the resistance and among other things she brought the children Cohen to the hamlet IJzeren, where they could go into hiding.

∗ 1924-01-11
† 2013-09-08
L.O. - courier - Klimmen - survivor - Trees Jaspers was the daughter of the notary Jaspers from Klimmen and a sister of Jo Jaspers [1], who was killed in action on May 10, 1940. Trees took over courier services for Bep van Kooten, who also lived in Klimmen.
In an interview with …

More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg
∗ 0000-00-00
† 0000-00-00
L.O. - courier - Valkenburg - survivor - Pierre Schunck schrieb: „Wielke Cremers und die Schwestern Peusens arbeiteten als Kurierinnen“.
More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg