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People who played a role during WW2 in and around Valkenburg. Most of them appear in the resistance story about Valkenburg. In that case, click on More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg next to that name.
This list is far from being complete.

Valkenburg & surrounings

† ✡ † Jews Holocaust Allied soldiers USA RAF NL sold Verzet initial resistance L.O. K.P. municipality local contacts couriers occasional resistance people in hiding Valkenburg+ Valkenburg Berg en Terblijt Schin op Geul IJzeren Sibbe Margraten Houthem-St.Gerlach Geulhem Hulsberg Houthem † Valkenburg+ Klimmen Meerssen Heerlen police priests NSB / NSDAP

The subdistrict of Klimmen included, in addition to Klimmen itself, the villages of Hulsberg, Voerendaal, Ransdaal and Ubachsberg. The cooperation with the sub-district of Valkenburg was, among others, about ration coupons and other things that the people in hiding needed, about the cave called divers’ inn etc.2 pers.
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L.O. - Klimmen - survivor - Not many things are known about Mrs. Jaspers-Koten. In an interview with students, Gerda Schunck-Cremers (DB) said about the successful robbery at the Valkenburg distribution office: “Mrs. Jaspers kept the stamps and other documents for one night in her house in Klimmen. She was not in the resistance, but occasionally helped them.” She too risked her life. For example, her distribution stamkaart (main card) and the one of Gerda S.-C. were made available to a printer in Amsterdam to copy them. The printing shop was busted, but fortunately that had no consequences for these women. She also sometimes made her house available for meetings.
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Kooten, van
∗ 1914-12-12
Laren N.H.
† 1979-06-20
L.O. - K.P. - Klimmen - survivor - Bep (B.J.C.) van Kooten, temporarily leader of the LO Klimmen and, for the sub-district of Valkenburg, contact person to the KP (“Knokploegen”, armed groups), sabotage specialist of the KP. Towards the end of the war, the rayon (subdistrict) of Klimmen worked closely together with the rayon of Valkenburg, so here follows a bit more about this village from Het Verborgen Front = The Hidden Front, chapter 6b VIII.5.7. by Dr. A. Cammaert.
Some group members were (also) part of the O.D. and maintained contacts with aid workers in the Heerlen region, including with chaplain Berix. These connections date from the Smit period or were brought on the way by the chaplain of Voerendaal, A.F.J. Vondenhoff. In the autumn of 1943, Bep van Kooten established the connection of the subdistrict with the Heerlen district. In addition to Klimmen it included the villages of Hulsberg, Voerendaal, Ransdaal and Ubachsberg. Van Kooten took charge and appointed Miss M.Th. Jaspers as a messenger. Because of Van Kooten’s fast career in Limburg resistance, the actual leadership rested with Brouwers who soon succeeded him. G.H. Meurders and curate A.J. Gibbels, who had to work under very difficult circumstances because the pastor was pro-German, were his deputies.
Biography at the website of his rugby club.
At the end of the war, Van Kooten was looking for a suitable depot for weapons and a shooting range for the “Knokploegen” of South Limburg. So this cave had to be evacuated.
In the second half of July 1944, Crasborn and Van Kooten moved to Swalmen, at the invitation of J. Frantzen. They found shelter on the monumental farm De Baxhof of the Poels family on the edge of the village. Bep was commissioned by Crasborn to travel through the lines via the recently liberated Valkenburg and Maastricht to the headquarters of Prince Bernhard in Brussels, where he was appointed commander of the Stoottroepen in Limburg, see the chapter Valkenburg is free below. As a member of the Dutch army, he participated in the actions against the new republic of Indonesia after the war.
Photo: Swearing in as an officer of Bep van Kooten, Commander of the Limburg Command / Limburg Regiment, in front of a line-up..
More in our story Resistance in Valkenburg