The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg
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The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg


The clergy

Leo Moonen

Already before the war, the Dutch churches expressed it clearly: national socialism is incompatible with Christian principles. Also bishop Lemmens of Roermond was very resolute in this. In the Limburg resistance, especially in helping people in hiding, the clergy were prominent at every level, among them especially vicars, i.e. the assistant priests in the parishes. Due to the shortage of priests, this function hardly occurs today. The bishop’s secretary, uncle Leo Moonen, was a co-founder of the LO and, like so many of his colleagues, had to pay for it with his life.
The orthodox-reformed clergy, especially in the mining district around Heerlen, were as diaspora parishes an even tighter group and were especially active in helping Jews. In this context, see the work of the Group NV.
See also the list of clergymen who were active in the Valkenburg area, including those who did survive the war. And that is just one rayon (sub-district) of the LO.

The clergy – 31 pers.   ⇒All the fallen resistance people in Limburg
Beckhoven, van
Pater Beatus
∗ 1899-09-21
† 1945-03-20
Heerlen - early resistance - L.O. - press - priest - person in hiding - Gerard van Beckhoven or Father Beatus van Beckhoven OFM was kapelaan (vicar) in Heerlen at the rectorate church of St. Francis on the Laanderstraat in Heerlen [1] and there he became a refugee helper with an extensive network.
As early as 1940 he was consulted …

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wall: left, row 15-02
Jan Willem
∗ 1907-04-12
† 1945-03-13
Heerlen - early resistance - L.O. - priest - person in hiding - Since september 10, 1933, Giel Berix was a kapelaan (in the Netherlands a term for Roman Catholic auxiliary parish priests, vicars. In Belgium they are also called Onderpastoor) at St. Pancratius Church in Heerlen. [4]
Giel is a regional call name still very common at that time, standing …

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Jan Willem Berix op de lijst van personen die tijdens de bezetting belangrijk waren voor Valkenburg.
wall: left, row 15-04
Boorn, van den
∗ 1911-07-04
† 1944-11-05
Effeld, Kr. Geilenkirchen
Posterholt - L.O. - priest - Eugène Alphonse Georges van den Boorn was rector in Posterholt near Roermond. A. van den Akker s.j.writes on  …

wall: right, row 03-02
Emile Antoon Felix
∗ 1903-01-21
† 0000-00-00
Echt - L.O. - priest - person in hiding - Emile Goossens was a vicar in Echt 1936-1945. For allied pilots, Jewish fellow citizens and resistance fighters in hiding, he set up escape routes as far away as Belgium and northern France. In early 1944, vicar Goossens had to go into hiding, because there were …

wall: left, row 07-01
∗ 1910-09-22
† 1945-02-13
Roermond - priest - Photo: The Hagiography Circle [1] → → → →

Frans Marie Joseph Helwegen was a roman catholic priest of the eastern rite in Lithuania. Therefore, he was considered an agent of the West by the Soviets.
Frans Marie Joseph Helwegen buvo rytų apeigų katalikų kunigas …

wall: right, row 07-02

Jan Jozef
∗ 1901-03-09
† 1945-02-09
Maasbracht - L.O. - priest - Grew up in Geysteren. In 1927 chaplain in Maasbracht. Traces of War (see link below) calls him headmaster. Together with his cousin G. Hermkens, chaplain in Montfoort, he was arrested on December 17, 1944 while leading people through the …

wall: left, row 27-02
Gerardus Hendrikus Hubertus
∗ 1903-01-05
† 1945-02-18
Montfort - L.O. - priest - The L.O. at Montfort was led by H. Seegers and Vicar Gerard Hermkens. On December 16, 1944, the Germans started their Ardennes Counteroffensive [1], a.k.a. Battle of the Bulge. So the Allies withdraw many troops from Limburg to reinforce the Ardennes. The same day, 30 civilians lest Montfort …

wall: left, row 38-04
Herman Charles Joseph
∗ 1897-01-24
Den Haag
† 1945-04-10
Roermond - L.O. - priest - From 1935 he was a Dutch Reformed pastor in Roermond. Married, 4 children. Member of LO-Roermond, also representative of the NSF (Nationaal Steunfonds = …

wall: right, row 06-04
Hubertus Petrus Hermanus
∗ 1915-07-09
Eys, gem. Wittem
† 1945-05-19
Wittem - L.O. - priest - Hubertus Petrus Hermanus Houben was vicar in Epen and local head of the Catholic Action. [1]
Because he knew many people, he was an important link in smuggling people across the near dutch-belgian border. These were escaped French-speaking prisoners of war, Jews and Allied airmen. Read …

wall: right, row 38-05
Père Hugues /Pater Hugo
∗ 1900-11-17
† 1943-10-09
Bunnik (Utrecht)
Belgium - early resistance - press - Group Erkens - priest - He was not a resistance fighter in the Dutch province of Limburg, but was in close contact with them and therefore also appears on this list. His resistance activity began by helping escaped French prisoners of war to continue their escape. He was a Cistercian monk in the Abbey of Val-Dieu and …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.02-03
Jong, de
∗ 1911-10-20
† 1945-02-12
Venlo - local contact - press - NV - priest - person in hiding - In 1940, Hendrik Roelof de Jong was appointed pastor of the Reformed Church in Venlo. He was co-editor of the illegal newspaper Trouw and a collaborator of the Nationaal Steun Fonds (National Support Fund, a Dutch resistance organization that financed the rest of the resistance) [1]. …

wall: right, row 28-05
Hubert Maria
∗ 1888-08-05
† 1944-04-23
Echt - L.O. - priest - Parish priest of Koningsbosch, municipality of Echt. Arrested 29 February 1944 for helping people in hiding.

  • R.C. Cemetery at Koningsbosch, grave opposite entrance middle back
  • Koningsbosch  …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.04-18
Johannes Antonius Mathias
∗ 1912-04-28
† 1945-03-25
Maastricht - Belgium - priest - forced labor - Secret Army (B) - Photo: The Hagiography Circle [1] →

Jan Lemmens was born in Limmel [2.1], a village then belonging to the municipality of Meerssen and today to Maastricht.
He was a monastic chaplain with the Ursuline Sisters in Maastricht, moved to ’s-Gravenvoeren [2.2] on …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.-

Johannes Antonius
Pater Sebaldus
∗ 1907-06-15
† 1944-08-11
Kamp Vught
L.O. - priest - person in hiding - The outskirts of Limburg - Jan Linders was born in Mook, entered the Franciscan order under the name Sebaldus and was ordained priest in 1933. During the war he lived in the monastery in Alverna [1] (Wijchen) and was vicar there. He helped Jewish children and Jewish adults, as well as others in hiding, to find shelter …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.
∗ 1911-09-02
† 1945-02-27
Bergen Belsen
Kerkrade - Maastricht - L.O. - priest - Vicar in Limmel from 1940 and member of LO in Maastricht. He hid people in hiding. On May 10, 1944, he was arrested as a result of betrayal by Aldegonda (Gonnie) Zeguers-Boere and so mistreated …

wall: left, row 33-04
∗ 0000-00-00
† 0000-00-00
Kerkrade - Maastricht - L.O. - priest - Hein Lochtman ?
wall: left, row 25-03
Adrianus Hubertus Josef
broeder Valentinus
∗ 1892-08-13
Hooge en Lage Zwaluw
† 1945-03-31
Weert - priest - On June 21, 1944, a meeting of the leaders of the L.O. Province of Limburg took place at the Boys’ Boarding School of St. Louis (of the Brothers of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, also called Brothers of Maastricht) at the Korenmarkt in Weert. At least one representative from each district …

wall: right, row 37-01
pater Christofoor
∗ 1895-11-16
† 0000-00-00
Valkenburg - Venlo - L.O. - priest - Father Christofoor was a member of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts [1] ( He lived in the cloister on the Cauberg in Valkenburg. After vicar Jac. Naus had to go into hiding, he became his successor at St. Martinus Church in Venlo …

wall: right, row 29-02
J. Leo
ome Leo
∗ 1895-08-31
† 1945-04-02
Roermond - L.O. - priest - carillon - Secretary of the diocese. He was the spiritual advisor and so one of the de facto leaders of the Catholic resistance in the Dutch province of Limburg. He thus also had an influence on the liquidation of traitors. In his opinion, this should be avoided as far as possible. But if it was …

wall: right, row 08-03
Père Étienne /Pater Stephanus
∗ 1908-09-14
† 1943-10-09
Bunnik (Utrecht)
Belgium - early resistance - press - Group Erkens - priest - Petrus („Piet“) Johannes Cornelis Muhren was not a resistance fighter in the Dutch province of Limburg, but was in close contact with them and therefore also appears on this list. His German ancestors still wrote "Mühren", but in Dutch it is pronounced the same way.He entered the novitiate …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.02-04
Jacobus Johannes
Van Doorn /Jac
∗ 1913-12-31
† 1945-04-15
Venlo - L.O. - priest - person in hiding - carillon - On June 6, 1939, Jac Naus was appointed vicar in the parish of St. Martinus in Venlo. There, together with Ambrosius and his colleague P.G. van Enckevort, he was one of the founders of the LO. Dr. Fred Cammaert said in his …

wall: right, row 29-04
Oppen, van
Jules Louis Antoine
∗ 1882-05-10
† 1943-02-16
Venlo - early resistance - priest - Dean Jules van Oppen was the first clergyman in Venlo and all of Limburg to pay for his resistance with death. After the German invasion on May 10, 1940, he opposed the German films that were shown in the cinemas of Venlo. According to the Church, they were immoral and anti-patriotic. The …

wall: right, row 30-04
∗ 1914-07-01
† 1945-04-24
Gulpen - Voerendaal - L.O. - priest - Vicar Leon Marie Hubert Penders headed subdistrict 2 of the LO with the places Gulpen, Reymerstok and Wylré. (See map 45. Gulpen district: division into subdistricts. Cammaert VIb, p.693 [1] and OSM [5]) and determined the district’s financial policy from 12 January 1944. On July …

wall: left, row 12-01
Petrus Nicolaas Andreas
∗ 1912-11-27
† 1945-04-06
Tegelen - L.O. - priest - person in hiding - Father Petrus Nicolaas Andreas Peters was a member of the L.O. Steyl and vicar. Pastor P.P. Windhausen, himself and three others from Steyl and Tegelen went into hiding in the tower room of the Steyl church and later moved into the basement. …

wall: right, row 22-01
∗ 1906-04-23
† 1945-03-09
Heerlen - L.O. - priest - Vicar in Heerlerheide. Arrested by the Landwacht on August 18, 1945. See Cammaert VIb, p. 665 and "Vier dont ut zelf - 150 jaar geschiedenis van een parochie" (150 years …

wall: left, row 16-04
∗ 1896-01-18
† 1942-12-28
Maastricht - early resistance - priest - Robert Hubert Willem Regout was a Jesuit and legal scholar. In 1934, he received his doctorate from the University of Nijmegen on the doctrine of “just war”. From 1939 he was an associate professor of international law there. During the occupation, he provided information everywhere on …

This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.04-24
Hendricus Leonardus Hubertus
Harrie / Harry
∗ 1914-12-29
† 1942-09-14
Dachau (D)
Beesel - priest - Hendrikus Leonardus Hubertus Rijnders was a vicar in Saint Quentin (France) and pastor in Gricourt. Arrested on July 17th, 1941 while on vacation at his parents’ in Reuver. With 150 other prisoners he was gassed. According to The Hagiography Circle that was in the NS-Tötungsanstalt (Nazi …

wall: left, row 03-01
Adrianus Johannes Albertus
∗ 1905-12-26
† 1945-04-23
Roermond - L.O. - priest - Vicar at the cathedral of Roermond. With the arrival of a paratrooper battalion under the command of Major Ulrich Matthaeas, a somber, ominous atmosphere arose in Roermond. The major complained to his superiors that the male population was a danger to his soldiers. One of his subordinates, …

wall: right, row 10-02
Leonardus Mattheus
∗ 1916-07-24
† 1945-03-02
Echt - L.O. - priest - Vicar Verdonschot began his resistance work by helping French-speaking prisoners of war who had escaped from Germany. They were taken to Belgium via Wessem/Maasbracht-Stevensweert. (Cammaert III [1],p. 195) Since the summer of 1943 he led the L.O. in Koningsbosch and for this purpose …

wall: left, row 06-05
Hendrik Jacob
∗ 1883-09-14
† 1945-04-09
Grubbenvorst - early resistance - L.O. - priest - Zwarte Plak - Catholic parish priest of Grubbenvorst and building parish priest in Grashoek, studied musicology in Italy and the United States. He was known as a very open-minded and culturally enthusiastic person. Already during 1941 and 1942, he began to help Jews in collaboration with the Amsterdam …

wall: left, row 11-03
∗ 1892-06-29
† 1945-03-28
Tegelen - priest - person in hiding - Petrus Paulus Windhausen (Catholic parish priest in Steyl-Tegelen), vicar P.N.A. Peters and three other people from Steyl and Tegelen had hidden in the tower room of the church in Steyl and later moved to the basement. There …

wall: right, row 22-04