The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg
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The fallen resistance fighters in the dutch province of Limburg



Liberated: 1944-10-20

L. Kohnen, an employee of the distribution office in Vaals, delivered ration stamps and cards, and similar documents to the Gulpen district of the LO, which included Vaals. He delivered between six and eight hundred voucher cards per period. The father of Sjeng Coenen, a friend of Jupp Francotte from Vaals printed counterfeit stamps in his printing shop. Kohnen stuck them on the cards and cancelled them in black ink according to regulations. The number of stamps to be issued was thus artificially increased. The fraud was never discovered. (Cammaert VIb, page 694)

Vaals – 4 pers.   ⇒All the fallen resistance people in Limburg
∗ 1920-12-29
† 1944-09-05
Vaals - L.O. - K.P. - press - person in hiding - carillon - Cammaert: “After the betrayal of Wittem, J.H. Coenen from Simpelveld and W.J. Francotte from Vaals, who had worked for the illegal magazine Je Maintiendrai in Amsterdam until the summer of 1944, joined the KP. They participated in the raid on the jail of Maastricht on September 2.” They went into hiding in the Diver’s Inn in Geulhem “where suspects and difficult people in hiding were detained and interrogated. Generally, Francotte took care of the surveillance of the “prisoners” because of his strongness. Both were arrested by the Germans on September 5th, 1944 (Mad Tuesday) during a resistance action. By order of Major Bernhardt, they were shot on the Cauberg (Valkenburg). There is a memorial stone and the monument for the fallen resistance people of Limburg on that spot.
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Joep Francotte op de lijst van personen die tijdens de bezetting belangrijk waren voor Valkenburg.
wall: right, row 25-05
∗ 1922-06-21
† 1945-04-26
Bad Dürrheim Kr. Villingen
Vaals - Hendrik Eduard Joseph Marie Heuschen was a trade correspondent. From his short biography at Among other things, he helped among others Jewish people in hiding. Arrested on December 16, 1942, ended up as a slave in Germany. There he helped prisoners of war to escape. Freed by the Americans. Participated in the conquest of Bad Dürrheim. Shot by SS as a suspected spy.
wall: right, row 26-01
∗ 1924-04-23
† 1945-03-20
This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel. - Vaals - dutch soldier - Ordedienst - Jozef (nickname Jeu, pronounce Yö) Saive is described by some sources as a resistance fighter, but his name is not on the wall of the memorial chapel on the Cauberg because he was too young to join the resistance during the occupation (20 when he died). But shortly after the liberation of South Limburg he died fighting against National Socialism as a member of the OD (Grenswachtcompagnie Maastricht II, platoon Gulpen) and therefore he is also on this list.
He served on the Dutch-Belgian border near Wolfhaag, south of Vaals, and was just talking to his girlfriend during a patrol when he noticed a group of suspicious people. They were members of the "Werwolf" terrorist group who were on their way on order of Himmler to assassinate the Mayor of Aachen, Franz Oppenhoff, who had been appointed by the Allies. Jeu ran after them while his girlfriend went to get help. He was shot in an exchange of fire and died shortly thereafter.
The Werwolf commando had been dropped out of a captured American B-17 (Flying Fortress) aircraft over the Belgian border area. Why there? The region had been liberated in September 1944. German infiltrants were more likely to be expected from the east. The werewolves apparently used the old smuggling route along the B-NL border on their way to Aachen via the 3 borders point. When Dutch customs officers came, the smugglers ued to switch to the Belgian side and vice versa. Behind the 3 borders point in Germany begins the Aachen Forest, which stretches south along the whole of Aachen and from which Oppenhoff’s house was easily accessible. A few days later, on March 25, 1945, he was murdered. See the Open Street Map link below.
This person is not (yet?) listed on the walls of the chapel.04-25
∗ 1914-12-21
† 1945-05-03
Lübecker Bucht
Vaals - CPN - early resistance - unorganized resistance - Hendrik Servatius Jozef Senster was a miner. Arrested on fair Monday, June 23, 1941, a month and a half after the Germans invaded the Netherlands. He had organized a demonstration with a group of young people from Vaals. Then, in protest, they swept the street dirt in the direction of the German border. Two of the group were arrested. Hub Hermans was transferred to the Amersfoort concentration camp and later released. Hein ended up in Neuengamme near Hamburg. He had no success writing from the camp. Only one letter to a German address (in near Vaalserquartier) arrived.
In May 1945, the prisoners were transferred from Neuengamme to ships in the Bay of Lübeck. What the SS’s intentions were in doing so could never be clarified with certainty. The ships were bombed by the Allies on the assumption that they were troop transports, and perhaps that was exactly the idea behind it. Hein Senster was killed as a result.
wall: right, row 25-06